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Gunpowder Green tea (Green tea)
Itís the most famous of the Chinese green teas with a rich aromatic taste, calorie free and with a very low caffeine content. Itís considered to be the true healthy tea.

Oriental Rose Tea (Green tea and flowers)
This Tea is prepared directly in the plantations by mixing the Japanese green tea and Chinese tea scented with freshly picked rose and sunflower petals. It will give you the magical atmosphere of the orient.

Bancha White Tea (Green tea and fruit)
Japanese bancha green tea with the addition of strawberry in pieces and small rose petals. A pleasure to relish in moments of relaxation, to drink pure.

Lemon Fresh (Green tea and fruit)
Selected mix of Bancha green tea, orange peel, apple and mauve leaves enriched by an extraordinary lemon fragrance. Recommended at any time of the day.

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